Opening hours:

6:30am to 6:00pm
Monday to Friday


27 Amsterdam Circuit
North Wyong NSW 2259

Call: 02 4352 2005

After Hours: 0448 097 775

In our preschool and kindy rooms’ we provide your child with learning experiences through allowing expression of individuality while having fun and enhancing curiosity and creativity.

Activities range from one-on-one to small and large groups to encourage social interaction and shared learning that fosters connections for your child to achieve a sense of wellbeing and belonging. (Supported by Montessori, Vygotsky & Piaget)

We understand the importance of language and communication (including early literacy and numeracy) - offered in our school readiness program.

Social and emotional development of your child is another priority for us to prepare them for a successful transition to formal schooling. All activities are provided in both structured and free choice experiences. (Supported by Froebel)

To bridge the gap between our preschool learning environment here at North Wyong Early Learning Centre and formal school, we develop our curriculum with a foundation based on the Early Years Learning Framework and Early Stage 1 NSW Syllabuses.

We are making healthy choices.

  • We promote a sense of being happy and healthy through our lifestyle choices.
  • We encourage age appropriate development of your child’s physical skills, competence in personal hygiene and an understanding of their personal safety and wellbeing.
  • We provide a balanced, healthy and nutritional menu made daily on premise in our gourmet kitchen that the children enjoy in our Kids Café.
  • We educate your child about being responsible for their own health and wellbeing. (Supported by Gessell)

We listen to your child.

  • Your child’s interests and that of their classmates are used to guide our curriculum that allows all children to be highly engaged in the day’s activities.
  • We are responsive to your child by valuing their strengths, skills and knowledge as we help to motivate and engage them in learning.
  • Every child in our preschool and Kindy rooms are an active participant and decision maker, allowing them to recognise their agency, ability to initiate and lead their own learning. (Supported by Montessori)

You can keep you up to date on your child’s daily activities via the daily and weekly curriculum displayed within our Centre. We welcome and encourage families to contribute to our daily programs and help evaluate our activities and curriculum ongoing.

In partnership with you we want your child to develop and thrive to their full potential, to learn and grow with confidence for a positive journey of life-long learning.

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