North Wyong Early Learning Centre is currently accepting enrolment applications for the Infants Nursery, Toddlers, Kindy and Preschool rooms.

You can start the enrolment process online by submitting an enrolment form . We will then be in contact with you.

It is nice to know what to expect with the enrolment process because each Early Learning / Preschool Centre may do things differently and by starting your enrolment enquiry here, we can contact you to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

Introduction Visit

The best way to decide if you have found the right centre for your child is to come and visit us for an introductory visit.

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Join the Waiting List

Your child may not be joining us yet, however we invite you to start the process and request a spot for your child at our North Wyong Preschool and Early Childcare centre.

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Start your enrolment now

We invite you to commence the enrolment process here online. This is how you can receive our enrolment information pack. Simply complete the enrolment form and we will be in touch!

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Orientation and Settling in

We understand that each child and every parent have unique needs to assist in a smooth transition and comfortable settling-in, when first joining our Centre. Sometimes it is not so easy (even for the parent) and we are here to help!

Your family and enrolling child will be provided with an orientation of all our facilities including the infants nursery, toddler, kindy and preschool rooms. We also show you our gourmet kitchen and in-house Kids Café plus our generously spaced natural grass playground and garden. It is our pleasure to introduce you to all of our Centre’s team and we will also explain our drop-off and pick-up procedures.

Some children are happy to leave their parents as soon as they see the play activities while others may be more reluctant and that is OK. We enable you a quick and happy goodbye while telling your child that you will be back later to pick them up while we engage your child in activities and interaction with the carers and other children immediately. We are only a phone call away and in if any child becomes too upset, we will contact their parent/carer immediately.